China Best High Quality Auto Operated Production Line and Corrugated Steel Duct Making Machine Manufacturer
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China Best High Quality Auto Operated Production Line and Corrugated Steel Duct Making Machine Manufacturer
1. As China most buggest duct making machine manufacturer, we have manufactured corrugated duct for 30 years, we start since from 1989 year.Now have developed many ducts machine that meet different customers from China and all over the world for their different projects.
2. Our new product CNM-YG150A is Fully Auto Operated Duct Production Line, this equipment can manufacture round and flat duct in one line, do not need much labour, one worker can handle all operation. 
3. CNM-YG150 is manual type duct machine that most widely used by customers from China and all of the world. It is fast speeed with 7.5kw motor.
4. Our CNM-ZG9506 bigger diameter duct making machine is special equipment for manufacrure bigger diameter ducts, it is maximum duct diameter is 260mm,can produce ductdiameter ranges is from 40mmm to 260mm, with 11kw motor, very fast speed in bigger sizes ducts.
5. Our CNM-ZGB flat duct machine is special equipment for manufacture flat ducts sizes such as standard flat duct sizes: 20x50mm,25x60mm, 20x70mm, 20x90mm, 25x55mm, 25x65mm, 25x75mm, 25x90mm, 100x50mm, 80x150mm, 50x150mm, etc.
6. Duct Making machine is available for steel strip thickness from 0.2mm to 0.6mm, steel strip width: 36mnm, 48mm, 78mm, etc.
7. Easy operation and maintenance.
8. Equipment warranty tme: 1 Year.
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