Anchor Barrel And Wedges

For Buildings: Housing, Commercial Buldings, High Rise Buildings. 2). For Municipal Engineering: Railway, Highway, Over Head Fast Speed Way, Metro Way, High-speed Railway, etc. 3). For Projects: Mining, Piling, Foundation, Slope and Rock Reinforcement, Hydropower Station, Anchoring Engineers, Water Conservancy Project, Oil or Gas Tank, etc.

  • PT Wedges
    PT Wedges
    1. Model: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 9.52mm(for pc steel wire). for PC Strand Diameter: 12.7mm, 12.9mm,15.24mm, 15.7mm. 2. Materials: 20CrMnTi, alloy steel, carbon steel. 3. Wedge Hardness: HRC58-65(Remarks: Our Anchor Hardness: HRB70 -100)

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  • Monostrand Anchor Barrel and Wedges
    Monostrand Anchor Barrel and Wedges
    1. Model: YJM5(5mm), YJM7(7mm), YJM9(9mm), YJM13(12.7mm, 12.9mm), YJM15(15.24mm, 15.7mm),YJM18, YJM22. 2. For Strand(Wire) Diameter: 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 9.52mm, 12.7mm, 12.9mm, 15.24mm, 15.7mm, 17.8mm, 22mm, etc. 3. Anchor Type: Open Type 4. Materials...

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