Unbonded Monostrand Anchor 
Henan Prestressing Equipment Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer which design, manufacturer and provide OEM production of bonded and unbonded monostrand and anchor system for many years, our monostrand anchor system have been exported more than 35 countries. Contact with us by , Mobile Phone:  +86 1367371 3569. 

About Monostrand Anchor System 
Adaptable to a variety of structures, unbonded monostrand can be easily, rapidly, and economically installed. Applications for monostrand systems include elevated slabs, slab-on-grade, beams and transfer girders, joists, shear walls and mat foundations.
Our unbonded systems feature 0.5" and 0.6" diameter strands coated with a layer of specially formulated grease. The outer layer is seamless plastic extruded in one continuous operation to provide protection against corrosion. Each tendon is precisely coiled, cut, labeled, color-coded and delivered to the construction site. A wide variety of anchorage systems (see Product Information tab below) are available to meet design specifications.
Encapsulated unbonded monostrand systems are used in areas that are subject to corrosive conditions. Strands are protected at the anchorages using greased plastic sleeves and grease-filled end caps. Additionally, anchorage components are fully encapsulated in a high density polyethylene plastic covering and an optional encapsulated intermediate coupler anchorage system can be used to protect the strand at construction joints. 

The material for this anchorage is  spheroidal graphite cast iron, which puts tranditional anchor ring and plate into one integration anchor. It simplifies the complicated the manufacturing procedure and structure, which has the advantage of convenient construction, perfect sealability and easy to guarantee the perpendicularity between the anchorage and steel strands. And the cost will be lessened  more than 20%


Technical Data for CNM Post Tensioning Mono Anchor for PC Strand 

Product Name: CNM Post Tensioning Mono Anchor for PC Strand
Model: ZTM13(0.5"), and ZTM15(0.6").
Color: Normal Steel Color( Chemical Dioxide Surface Treatment) or Galvanized Golden Color.
Anchor Shape: Rectangle Shape
Material for Anchor Plate: Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Material for Wedges: 20CrMnTi High Glass Carbon Steel
Features: Good Deburring and Chamfering
Assembly Accessories: Flat Anchorage Plate, Wedges, Pocket Former
Standard: ASTMA416, BS5896, GB/T 14370-2007
Strand Tensile Strength: 1860Mpa to 2000Mpa

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